updating a home painted in dark colors – Insights

When it comes to changing a room’s décor, the walls are a major consideration. After all, the walls are where you set the color scheme and what you use as a focal point when decorating a room. For homes with wood paneling, the question becomes how to paint over paneling to give the room a refreshed look.

How to paint over paneling is a common question asked among do-it-yourselfers who want to update the dark wood paneling in their home. Many older homes have paneling on the walls, which restricts creativity in home design. But painting over the paneling is a viable option if you have the time.

When considering how to paint over paneling, compare costs of other options. It has been shown that this is less expensive than installing wall board, tearing down the paneling and hanging sheetrock, or putting up plasterboard. Painting is also easier and faster than other alternatives.

When researching how to paint over paneling, take time to review the preparations involved. Before paint can be applied, it is likely you might need to sand the wood paneling and add spackle to any indentations. Use a damp sponge to clean away any wood dust. Applying an oil or latex primer is also necessary because wood paneling is not an ideal surface for paint to adhere to. Some tools you will need for the prep work are sandpaper, spackle or pre-mix plaster, a putty knife, and a sponge or rag.Have a peek at this site follow these tips.

Painting takes time, but the results are well worth it. Depending on how dark the wood paneling is, you might need to apply a couple of coats of paint. Use a high quality paint and be sure the first coat is completely dry before adding the second coat. The proper drying time for paint is generally listed on the paint can.

One thing to keep in mind when looking into how to paint over paneling is the grooves that are often found between each panel. They are a bit tough to cover over with primer and paint, so some advanced work is needed. The best method is to use caulk, spackle, or pre-mix plaster for fill and then take a paintbrush and paint in the grooves to make them even with the rest of the surface as much as possible.

In determining how to paint over paneling, the best tool to use is a paint roller. This allows you to cover the surface quickly and evenly. With a smooth and steady painting technique, the finished product will look just as great as any painted wall in your home. During the entire painting process, be sure there is proper ventilation.

When thinking about how to paint over paneling, keep in mind that it’s a job that is going to take several days to complete. But it can be done in any room, including the family room, bedroom, or living room. It’s an affordable interior design project that brings many possibilities to home decor.