Things To Know About Landscaping Tips for Spring

Whether it may feel like it or not, spring is right around the corner. March 1st marks the beginning of the spring season. With the change in seasons and the suns rotation, the outside and soil temperatures slowly rise, jump starting the dormant plants. With daylights savings soon approaching, we begin seeing longer days and more hours of sunlight as the first of the flowering bulbs start to bloom. March is the kickoff month; and it is exciting to watch the transition and the forces of Mother Nature at her best, as the bountiful first signs of spring start to finally appear.

As the month of March progresses, you will notice some of the first plants and bulbs begin to bloom. Witch Hazel, Snowdrops, Crocus, Lenten Rose, Forsythia, Hyacinth, early Daffodils and Vinca will start showing up in the beginning of the month. There is nothing more exciting than watching buds swelling up with the anticipation of flowers to come side by side with your spring bulbs, as they are breaking ground and reaching for the sun. All as a welcome sign to spring. Vinca, with their spring flowers of blues and purples look stunning alongside the yellow Daffodils, adding seas of color all throughout your these tips for your lawn care

As you stop by your local hardware and garden centers signs of spring will soon be arriving. A great way to add an early spring punch is with early season perennials, annuals and forced bulbs. Arranging them into planters carefully selected and placed in key focal areas of your garden are a great way to get an early start on the season and add interest to areas currently still stuck in winter mode.

It is never too early to start working in your garden. A common mistake of many is waiting for the warmer months to begin to tend to their yard. March is the time to create your game plan for the season. Plan now, enjoy later. Setting up your gardens, corrective pruning and tipping back trees and shrubs, laying down fertilizer and splitting early perennials should all be items that are taken care of as soon as the opportunity arises. Use March to get ahead of the season, so when the warm beautiful days arrive, you will be able to enjoy your yard to its fullest.

While springtime is often associated with removing the clutter that has accumulated within your home, one should take advantage of the end of the dormant season and get outside as well. Save the inside for a rainy day! Rake out the thatch from your lawn, redefine those bed edges, and clean up the broken winter damage from plants. The early spring is the time to start pruning all of your ornamentals, shade trees and woody plants. Winter often causes damage to your yard and now is the time to start accessing the damage and instituting a plan for what needs to be done. It is also a fantastic time to split perennials. With a little extra labor, one plant can be split into four, helping to make your landscape lusher and healthier.

Arranging all of your care programs is a priority at this time as well. Getting a game plan formulated allows you to plan and budget for what you would like to see in your garden for the upcoming season. Everything from chemical care and I.P.M. (Integrated Pest Management) programs for your lawns, trees and shrubs, to maintenance and garden service programs, should all be planned out now. A little early and preventative planning will go a long way and show in the results for the summer months to come.

Common pests of our landscapes overwinter on your trees and shrubs and although you might not see signs of the damage to come a preventative program and spray schedule should be decided upon and carried out before any activity begins. Dormant oils are a safe alternative to harsher chemicals necessary to treat pest infestations once the problems manifests in the warmer months. They are an organic approach to eliminate larva and insects that have been hiding inside of your plants. It does a lot of wonders, and this is the right time to suppress any potential issues with what was hiding throughout the winter causing damage.

Plants and trees right now do not require much water. With the cool evenings and abundant ground moisture, little additional water is necessary, making it an ideal time for planting, fertilizing and over-seeding those bare patches on your lawn. Now is the time to kick start your plants. You do not want to miss the window of opportunity that early spring moisture provides to help your yard to benefit in the months to come.

Knowing that your property is taken care of early on in the season allows you the time to focus on everything else happening around you. The first few comfortably warm nights of spring, the sun setting later allowing you to feel like you have more time in each day. This is the time when the wonderful outdoor season begins. Time to fire up the grill and turn the heat on your hot tub or spa for a relaxing soak on a star-filled, crisp night. Winding down after a busy day in front of an outdoor fireplace with friends and family, and admiring the colors that are budding throughout your yard are the perks of early springtime.

Consult with a landscape professional for a plan that would work best for you and your home this spring season. Take advantage of this time of year and plan ahead. Scenic Landscaping in Northern New Jersey specializes in property care and maintenance, as well as designing and installing outdoor living spaces and can provide all the resources necessary to ensure the very best for you home.