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Bed Bug Infestation – Five Tips


One irritating bug which was once considered to be defeated, the bed bug appears to be making a comeback with numerous reports being made of bed bug infestations around the world. Once widespread within each and every house during the early years of the last century, the development of pesticides such as DDT brought about the downfall of such unwanted pests over the last five decades or thereabouts. Do you want to learn more? Visit

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Well, the bad news is that they are back again and with a vengeance of sorts. Current stats exhibit these types of bugs going up by double digit percentage numbers over the past few years. A few of the factors which have been reported with this surprising increase are global warming, the exceptional amount of people who travel internationally these days plus a likelihood that many of the strains of the bed bug might have developed a resistance to insecticides.

Now it’s all not too bad since the bed bug is in fact harmless as well as transmits virtually no diseases, nevertheless their existence within your house and more so on your bed may result in you having difficulty sleeping and ending up with reddish colored inflamed blots all over your entire body.

In the unlikely event that you believe that your home might be bed bug infested, it’s advisable that you obtain professional assistance in order to get rid of them completely. Call up the local authority or council for advice or even have the pest control management services to assist you in eliminating them permanently. Of course you can accomplish it by yourself too, however that could entail you handling unsafe pesticides and the process of doing so can be a little unpleasant.

Like the common expression which says that prevention is better than cure, here are a five tips to make certain that these unwanted pests do not migrate to your home and you end up having to report a bed bug infestation to the authorities.

In the event that you travel, examine the bed within the lodging you happen to be temporarily living. Watch out for the bed bugs inside the crevices as well as folds round the bed and investigate the mattress, pillows and bed sheets for telltale darkish colored spots or smudges. These unsightly stains would be the feces of the bug and these are hard to remove.

Once you come back from your trip, carefully examine all gear, suitcases and clothing for any warning sign of these bugs.

Make certain that all sleeping quarters at home is clutter free and clean up the nooks and crevices in the bedroom regularly, if possible with a vacuum cleaner.

If you think that some of your home furniture or bed requires replacement, it’s a good idea that you simply purchase new ones. By no means accept a secondhand bed and a secondhand mattress is unthinkable for the time being.

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One should realize that today the bed bug no longer limits itself to the bed within residences. There have been reports recently of theatres, shops, office buildings as well as elegant hotels becoming plagued. What this indicates is that for your protection, it is definitely best to check your clothing when you get back home from trips outside even it was just to the mall.Consider protecting your beds with a mattress encasement. These are bed bug proof mattress covers and they not only protect the bugs from getting into your mattress, they will also prevent any that are lurking in it from getting out.