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Select Hanover Adams and York Painting Contractor

As discussed in an early post, the colors you select for your business send a message about you and your product or service. However, the appearance of those colors and your office space says even more because the right colors can’t make up for a business that looks shabby or outdated because of peeling paint or scraped surfaces.

As you prepare to select your painting contractor, that’s just one consideration to keep in mind. Recognize that while a contractor for your office, restaurant, beauty salon or factory may follow many of the same guidelines as for a home, there are a few additional concerns. Our website provides info about  Hanover Adams and York Painting Contractors

These are a few of the similarities:

* Home and business owners must protect themselves by hiring only contractors who employ professionals who are fully bonded and insured (liability and workers’ compensation). And, if your state requires it, you’ll want to make sure the contractor is licensed.

* If your structure was built before 1978, you’ll want to make sure the contractor has EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certification because of the possibility of lead paint. Specific work practices must be followed to prevent contamination.

* You’ll want an on-site consultation before the project begins. The contractor should understand your needs and priorities, your budget and your timeline. You also should be able to expect to receive quality advice regarding paints, finishes and other technical concerns.

* Job specifications should be presented in writing. The proposal and/or contract should list a firm start date and time, the warranty, the cancellation policy, and any specifics for your particular project. You’ll also want details about the type and quality of the paint to be used.

These are a few of those considerations:

* Painting contractors must be able to schedule work at a time that is convenient for you. For some, that will be after-hours when your employees have gone home. For others, that will be while business continues, so allowances are necessary for employees, clients and visitors.

* Many businesses share walls, ventilation systems and common areas with neighboring businesses. A professional will work with those neighbors to ensure they’re aware of what is going to happen and when. They’ll also post proper signage indicating wet paint.

* For security reasons, you’ll want painters and other workers who act professionally in dress, words and actions. All should be wearing uniforms with proper identification, especially if they will be working outside normal working hours or using common areas that involve neighbors.

* All workers must be aware of confidentiality laws, especially in medical offices. Business owners will want to ensure that all patient, client and employee files are secured. And all painting contractors should present a reminder to business owners to heed that requirement.