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Different IMG Interior Styles

Planning to redesign your home or looking for different interior styles that can match up with you and your family personality? If that’s the case, we are here to help you. There are different types of interior styles and themes. Each style has different prime elements, that resonate with different personality traits. These designs can be created individually or can be combined together to have a desired look. Below we have curated five trendy interior designs that are ruling the interior charts.Do you want to learn more? Visit IMG Interiors.

  1. Minimalist Theme

Less is more! Modern theme is all about simple, sleek, clean and straight line furniture. The term is used to describe the modern style of interiors which comprises simple yet elegant furniture that do not acquire much space and heavy accessories. The color palette used in minimalist theme is soft, black, white and neutral.

  1. Contemporary Theme

Contemporary theme embraces current interior trends that would be vintage or retro theme for our future generation. It refers to creating a classic piece without over doing them. Contemporary style of design is similar to minimalist in many ways. The theme comprises brass and gold finishes that are quite trending these days. It has curves and sweeping lines and state of the art materials that includes glass and metal.

  1. Modern Theme

Often modern, minimalist and contemporary themes of interiors are used interchangeable, however, all three are different from each other. Modern theme is referred to midcentury era which includes 1950’s and 1960’s the colors have earthier tone like rust, turquoise, brown, greens and olives. The elements used in modern themes are chrome and stainless steel as a part of the furniture.

  1. Classic or Traditional Theme

Traditional theme is synonymous to vintage, classic, retro and European decor. The theme embraces deep wood tones, elegant furnishing, architectural details and versatile elements. Prime elements used in the classic interiors is silhouettes, the lines of furnishing which includes curved and sumptuous furniture such as claw footed tables, wing back chairs with rich tones and neutral colors for walls. The striking feature of classic themes are artwork. Rich color palette with variety of textures sums up the classic style.

  1. Rustic or Industrial Theme

Rustic, also known as industrial theme comprises of raw, wooden, rough details and exposed finishes like exposed brick walls. It showcases outdoor accessories and architectural details that have vaulted ceiling with wood floors and wood beams.

  1. Hollywood Glam

For all those who look for premium or high-end interiors , Hollywood Glam, also known as Hollywood Regency is the perfect option for them. It will add much needed drama, glamour and statement to the interiors while giving it luxurious look inspired from Hollywood.