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A Spring Check-up for the House

With Spring around the corner it is a good time to think about giving your Sacramento house a thorough check-up. A regular Spring maintenance plan will go far in helping you identify problems early on and mitigate costly damage and repairs. And by keeping your Sacramento house in good repair and good order you will enhance your everyday living. painting your house offers excellent info on this.

Inspect and repair exteriors suffering the effects of winter weather. Start a thorough Spring cleaning room by room and check all house systems. Think through each area of your property to make a comprehensive checklist of basic tasks, such as the following:

Home Exterior Spring Check List

Inspect the roof for leaks and damaged tiles or shingles
Check siding for loose pieces and check trim for cracked paint
Clean gutters, repair holes and weak joints, and replace damaged sections
Replace exterior caulking that is peeling
Inspect the foundation for cracks or other signs of weakening.
Repair cracked or uneven driveways, stairs, and sidewalks to prevent injuries
Remove and store storm windows and doors
Wash windows and repair any damaged frames; clean and reinstall screens
Clean up yard debris such as dead foliage and weeds; begin spring landscaping projects
Clean and repair outdoor patio furniture
Check sprinkler system for leaky or loose valves
Inspect decks, patios, porches, stairs, and railings for loose pieces and deterioration
Home Interior Spring Check List

Service the water heater pump and motor
Clean the air conditioning unit and replace the belt when necessary; follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for professional maintenance
Replace the furnace filter
Make sure the electrical system is adequate to support any new appliances, technology, or increased wattage use; upgrade as necessary
Clear slow-moving drains and ensure that plumbing shutoff valves function properly
Clean the kitchen exhaust hood and air filter
Clean the clothes dryer exhaust duct and damper
Ensure that fire extinguishers are operable and accessible
Clean smoke alarm covers and install new batteries
Replace older light bulbs with energy-efficient models
Sort through closets and other storage and pull out things that are no longer used, then make a plan to donate or sell them

With an established Spring Home Maintenance routine you will also become better acquainted with the nuances of your home systems and better equipped to deal with problems when they do arise. It is a good idea to supplement your Spring Home Maintenance efforts by making a professional home inspection part of the routine. While most homebuyers have an inspection as part of their due diligence when considering a new home, most homeowners don’t think to schedule an inspection once they are living in the house. Yet, a professional home inspector can help you identify problems in your home before they become huge strains on your lifestyle and your wallet. Once you have gone through your spring home maintenance check list to note things that concern you, an inspector can give you insight into necessary repairs and upgrades.