Determine Hearing Ability By Audiologists

The complications in sound hearing have become a commonplace in the society today. Three out of five individuals you encounter a day in your vicinity would ask you to repeat your saying owing to partial hearing loss or would simply not respond to anything owing to the complete hearing loss. A large section of the society today is troubled with the problem of hearing loss, be it partial or complete. If you are one of those many and are stressed for having such an issue, then it is for your good knowledge that you can overthrow all your worries and can lead a completely normal life. The key to combat hearing imparities is an early check up from a renowned doctor and undertaking of necessary tests or medications suggested by the same.Do you want to learn more? Visit Tinnitus And Hearing Center.

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The progression in the spectrum of science and technology has made it possible to combat assorted health disorders or diseases to quite an extent. For all levels of hearing disorders, specific evaluations and medications have been launched by the panel of genius scientists’ world over. To name some of the most common tests that are performed by hearing doctors on patients approaching with hearing complications are Pure Tone Testing, Tests of middle ear, Speech Testing, ABR or Auditory Brainstem Response, OAEs or Otoacoustic Emissions. If you are in search of an audiologist in Boynton Beach who can perform all such tests with dexterity and can suggest you appropriate treatment for the same, the American hearing center can come to your aid.

Of all the above mentioned evaluations, Pure Tone Testing holds a special significance as it is performed to determine the faintest sounds an individual can perceive at selected frequencies. The individual taking the test is generally required to put on earphones during the test so that information of each ear can be noted. Sometimes it may not be possible to use a set of earphones owing to the refusal of the individual taking the test (children often refuse to put on the earphones). For such cases, presentation of sounds is done through speakers within sound booths. This is referred to as sound field screening. However, it needs to be noted that since a sound field screening cannot be performed on both ears simultaneously, detection of a unilateral hearing loss may often be missed.

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A person taking a Pure Tone Test might be required to respond to sounds in different types of ways. The person taking the test is at first asked to raise a finger or a hand. Next, he or she is asked to press a button pointing to his or her ear where the sound will be received. Finally, the person has to say a ‘yes’ indicating that the sound was heard by him or her. The results of the test are generally recorded in an audiogram. In case of any blockage in your ears due to fluid or wax buildup, a procedure known as Pure Tone Bone Conduction Testing is executed for desired results.