All You Need To Know About Home Inspections for New Homes

There are plenty of reasons to have a newly constructed home inspected by a Certified Home Inspector. After you read this article you will be able to decide if you want your new home inspected or not. Building a new home has many phases to it and each phase has a different group of people performing each task or installing different types of equipment. Add to that the number of homes being built in one subdivision at a time and it can be very difficult for a builder to manage, which makes it nearly impossible for the builder to build a home without having more

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Below are some things I have personally found in new homes that I have inspected personally. These items which are only a few of the many I have found were found after the builder notified the home buyers of the home being complete and they were ready for their final walk-through. By the way, I recommend the Home Inspection be done 1 or 2 days prior to the final walk-through.

No Insulation in the Attic – Imagine mine and the homebuyers surprise when I opened up the scuttle hole opening and found no insulation in the attic. A lot of people never go into their attic space so without the inspection this may not have been discovered for years.

Two of the upstairs toilets were plumbed into the hot water lines – Hot water, which cost the home owner money to heat, runs into the toilet tank after it has been flushed only to sit there and cool before the next flush. Now that’s a big waste of money.

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It is very common to find Hot and Cold water lines reversed at sinks, tubs, and showers in newly built homes. Another common find in new homes are notched rafters which are part of the roof structure. Several years ago I found a home where 6 consecutive rafters were notched where only ΒΌ of the wood remained in the webbing. They were notched for the refrigerant lines that could have been routed many different ways. More than likely the Heating and Air Conditioning company that installed the air handlers in the attic notched them not realizing they were interfering with the weight load of the roof.

No GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) protection in Kitchen.

There are a lot more I could write about but with this just this small list of defects, a person should have a better answer to the question. Should I get a Home Inspection for my newly constructed Home?

If you are a Real Estate Agent and you have clients buying a new home, print out this article and let them read it. It may help them to decide if they need an inspection or not on a newly constructed Home.