A Guide To Kitchen Update

While selecting kitchen worktops, you should be concerned not just about the design and material aspects, but also the size of your worktops. If you are remodeling your kitchen, you should also have a basic knowledge about how to match the worktop to the existing style of your kitchen. We give you a few practical tips.

Get the sizes right

Worktops that end abruptly are not pleasing to the eye. That is not all. Spilt liquids will drip into the drawers. Better looking and easy to use worktops are always long and deep. Remember, not all worktops have the same depth. Always check the depth before ordering the units. Also, take into consideration the drawer and cupboard fronts. Thickness of your worktop is also important. Good quality worktops will have thick surfaces. Even if you have to shell out a little more, it is better to buy thick worktops. There is a standard length and width for worktops. So always ask your kitchen specialist for a worktop in the standard length and width. Islands and breakfast bars may require wider surfaces. Keep these pointers in mind while choosing them.

Buying tips

Always buy worktops from kitchen specialists. They will help you choose the right worktop after taking into consideration the utility aspects. They may even help you design the worktop of your choice. This won’t be cheap, but is the easiest way to get a perfect worktop for your kitchen.Get the facts about is it time to update my kitchen┬ácan try this out.

There are many companies that create bespoke kitchen worktops. So you can create your dream custom made kitchen with a little help from the kitchen specialists. They will allow you to choose all the elements you want and help to assemble them.

However, if you don’t want any help, you can buy complete kitchens. Buy standard lengths of worktop. However, you will have to find a fitter all by yourself.

Match your worktops to your kitchen style

Traditional Styles: If you have a traditional kitchen, complete with wooden doors and terracotta flooring, worktops in timbers and granite work well. Choose shades of greens and blacks to blend in with your decor.

Contemporary Styles: This depends on how contemporary you want your kitchen to be. For a sleek, uncluttered modern kitchen, choose worktops in glass, laminates, timber or granite. You can choose a range of colours like pure whites, blacks, punchy brights, etc.

Classic Styles: A classic style kitchen with painted wood units, along with stone or wooden floors, will never go out of fashion. A glass or granite worktop in muted tones will go well. It is better to avoid anything too sparkly or bright. For a classic style kitchen most people prefer worktops in white or shades of grey or cream.