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Important Things To Know About Brea Realtor

As many of you know, I have been a proponent of owning your own home, especially in the great economic times that we have been going through in Alberta. As first time home buyers there are many challenges out there ranging from qualifying under the stricter current guidelines, to choosing the right area to buy, to understanding the whole process of home ownership?Do you want to learn more? Visit Brea Realtor .

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One person who can help you many aspects of this is a Realtor. A professional Realtor who has become successful in his or her field has never done this without having become very educated about the process, the area and even the pitfalls involved. An extra advantage of their experience is also the contacts they have developed over the years with mortgage brokers, Real Estate lawyers and possibly even contractors to further help you with your purchase.

As a current home owner interested in upgrading, downsizing or even changing neighborhoods, choosing the right Realtor can be even more important. Now you will potentially be dealing with one individual as you are selling your home and possibly again after you have sold your property and are ready to purchase your new home. In today’s buyer’s market, I highly recommend you sell your property prior to putting any offers out on new properties!

Home purchases can be the single most expensive purchase most individuals ever make. Due to this, there are some important considerations you must be aware of when choosing your Realtor.

Don’t choose a Realtor because they are a friend or relative. These qualifications alone do not ensure they are going to be the right person for you to work with. If your cousin in Airdrie is a Realtor, they likely have very little idea of what the Chestermere market is like. Do choose a Realtor familiar with your area. If they are already familiar with properties listed in the area and what is taking place in the local market, they will have an immediate advantage on a Realtor from outside the area.

Don’t choose a Realtor who has the most listings. Just because they have generated a huge amount of listings doesn’t mean they are able to sell properties. This may indicate their whole marketing program is based on acquiring listings and then having other Realtors sell for them. Do choose a Realtor who has a high ratio of sales versus listings. Wouldn’t you rather have a Realtor who listed 15 properties and sold all 15 versus someone who listed 100 properties and sold 20?

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Don’t choose a Realtor who has the lowest commission. You tend to get what you pay for, and if the Realtors commission is too low, they may not have enough money in their budget to properly market your home and will have to take shortcuts. Do choose a Realtor who has an entire marketing program. Experienced Realtors have created systems for marketing your home that help ensure your home gets the correct exposure and create interest with not only buyers, but also other Realtors.

Don’t choose the Realtor who provides you with the highest initial selling price for your home. Some Realtors are simply out to get listings and this is one of the easiest ways to do it. In a month when the property doesn’t sell, the next step is a price reduction and you are a month behind. Do choose a Realtor that can provide you with a detailed analysis of why they feel your property is worth a certain value. Also, ensure they have a complete list of properties they are comparing yours with, not just a handpicked list of the best or highest priced properties to help inflate the selling price. Buying and selling a property are huge emotional and financial decisions. Make sure you do all the homework necessary to make the right decision and choose the right people to help you with this decision.