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About Bookies Offers

As another NFL season quickly approaches bookmakers from across the United States and around the world are moving their players to offshore pay per head companies. Per head offices have been around for years but word is spreading how they can dramatically increase the bottom line for local bookies by offering round the clock wagering services to their players.

Over the years legions of bookmakers have made the transition to price per head services. They did so after coming to the conclusion that they didn’t have to continue to try and do everything themselves. Bookies have to always stay one step ahead of the players and be prepared to work all hours of the day and night to run a profitable business.More tips hereĀ Bookies Offers.

Pay per head changed all that by setting up a service that could take care of the day to day responsibilities of posting lines, watching for moves, taking bets from players, grading completed games and tracking the wins and losses. With a per head shop taking care of the micro-management this has given bookies more time to focus on collecting money and recruiting new players. This fact alone has made bookies with a price per head account more profitable but that’s just the beginning.

A solid pay per head service offers professional line management departments that specialize in keeping track of the lines and odds and making sure that bookies are always dealing a sharp number to their players. In addition to sharp numbers they will also advise the agent of players who have a tendency to pick off lines or give unbalanced action. With professional line movers working on your behalf you could very easily put tens of thousands of extra dollars into your pocket every year.

Bookmakers who have looked into using pay per head but shied away because of what they see as an unnecessary expense are missing the boat. The reasons for switching to price per head far outweigh the reasons not to. Your players will be able to place more wagers more often which increases your profit per player. Then of course you gain access to horse racing and online casino action which will significantly improve your bottom line. Perhaps the best reason to switch is reduced exposure to the legal action which could shut you down permanently. Find a good pay per head service and start making more money today.